You are enough

After months of feeling inadequate she leans over the kitchen sink, defeated.  Head in her hands….tears streaming.  Her career in the distance.  The drive is there.  For income, higher education, for a simple adult conversation daily, but most of all for honoring her husband.

It almost seems disrespectful to just be a Mom these days.  Staring defensiveness in the eye, desperate and overly emotional about motherhood…

“Cloth diapers, home-made blankets & bibs, supper from farmers market veggies and local farm meats, dishes & laundry to the sky,  endurance from intense cardio 5 am after nursing a baby all night, school supplies, curriculum, recreation, health based groceries, toddler diapers, treats-not so healthy ,pics for empty frames, and at least one craft a month for her to release tension.  Please God my heart is exploding I can’t do this! My husband deserves more!”


Her hair in a messy bun, milk leaking from her overwhelmed nursing pads, sweat pouring from her brow……..Suddenly it all stops……….the whole world silences.  God has heard her cries.  Not in some crazy “hit you over the head and heal ya forever” Nope….simple, powerful, profound.   Her husband wraps his hands around her waist… he whispers among the chaos of their busy house “I am truly the luckiest man in the world, I love you.”  You see the Spirit moves.  Moves his heart to speak, moves hers to hear.  Whispering “You are enough.”

Moms…you are enough.  Weather you work outside or inside the home, nurse or formula, private, homeschool or public, attachment parenting or not, the list goes on and on. You are enough…you are alive you are here and you care.  Your marriage, your parenting, yourselves……. all adequate.  The world will tell you to be more.  Please keep your dreams Mammas but remember…

~You right now, messy bun and all, you mam’ are enough.~


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